PLEASE – Go to Sleep! –Day 25 Blog Challenge


Please play this most appropriate audio jingle while you read if you dare…but be careful not to fall asleep!

As I lay awake almost all night long trying to fall asleep while my brain just wouldn’t shut down; I decided to enlighten myself and learn why I wasn’t getting any zzzz’s and what kind of zombie would I be the next day!

I knew I had already broken the first rule

Then I tried the only best mantra I could think of
“YOU WILL GO TO SLEEP” and that didn’t work
stay calm

Then I tried the deep breathing technique
and well my nose happened to be all clogged up
so I had to get up to blow it…so that didn’t work
fall asleep

And I even tried all the hot stuff (No! not that – take your mind out of the gutter)…
The hot bath and heated pillow and all that…
Not only did my pillow almost blow up in
the microwave; all I had was
caffeinated tea bags so then my eyes
felt like they were glued open!

The only thing I could think of that I should resort to doing to possibly remedy this night’s disaster was to just cling tight to my google search bible and figure out what could happen to me the next day without any shuteye….I felt that maybe, just maybe the actual act of reading would help to put me in a trance and magically drift me way out into la la land. (wherever that is)

Somebody’s Definition

la la land
You know when you see someone and think, “wow, they’re in their own world.” Well that world is la la land.


The term either refers to Hollywood, Los Angeles or a state of mind synonymous with Hollywood that is out of touch with reality, focusing on dreams, fantasies or frivolous endeavors.

Okay! I decided I didn’t want to go anywhere near la la land!

Basically; this is what I was going through…and not exactly in that order…..

Then I read about all these wonderful
side effects to not getting any sleep
and I wasn’t down for any of them…
just didn’t have time for these things
to happen to me…I gotta work!

So with no further a dew….I bring you the only things I’m going to try to do! (wow..that rhymes)

sleep for val
(click photo to make larger) but my eyes were really this blurry by now!

Happy ZZZZZZZZZ’s I’m off to Valley land! (you know – Valerie (Valley) oh never mind just go to sleep!


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