Thank You Bradley — Day 30 Blog Challenge


After joining this 30 day Blog Challenge group and successfully writing a blog everyday for it’s entirety; I finally ran into my very first glitch. Not too shabby!

The last day of the challenge was intended, in my mind to be like the icing on the cake; the best of the best; a tribute to Bradley Will. The founder of Learn to Blog and the initiator of this challenge and the Facebook group; Bradley has been there for all of us who participated 24-7; round the clock. He spent long grueling hours at his computer making sure all of us ‘blog writers’ were moving right along with as much ease as possible.

I had all of this figured out – I was going to do a short video sharing my appreciation. Now, I’ve never done a ‘selfie video’ before, so I was quite wet behind the ears. But, I got it down first try! I was so excited and ready to ‘publish’.

Naturally I used my smartphone to accomplish this feat; so the first thing I had to do after taping was send it to myself so I could get it on my computer and voila; the 30th post would be behind me!

Needless to say; I spent an unusual questionable amount of time trying to send it to myself. It just wasn’t working. My phone kept saying it was running low on memory. So I started deleting texts; contacts; video and photos and by now it was 4 long hours later and I still hadn’t gotten my last blog posted yet.

So, I got this great idea to use Kies software to backup everything on my phone so I could grab the video from there. As overzealous as I was by then, I figured I would do this backup and still have time before the stroke of midnight and I turned into a pumpkin.

It was taking forever and barely moving! I had to do something drastic – but what? I canceled the backup and started over and decided to just back up only my ‘videos’ I had on the phone.

Much better….instead of 6 hours it turned out to be 1 hour. Whoopee! I still had a chance.

After it was complete; I made sure I could view the video and saved it to my ‘One Drive’ so I could open it at home on another computer; and fled on my sleigh to the north pole; or so it seemed. Hardly, though – since it was a nice warm 80 degrees at dark.

I got home and quickly turned my computer on and started working feverishly to make this happen for my finale. But much to my chagrin; the video was too large to upload to my blog page in WordPress and at that point; closing in on midnight, I was exhausted and defeated – and chose to just start all over tomorrow.

Well, here we are and I got it accomplished by resizing the video; after several downloads that either didn’t work or were just trials with watermarks on the finished video. Then I went into my control panel to uninstall them….and of course it’s way into the morning hours by now and my biological clock stopped ticking a long time ago! But I was determined to get this out there; by hook or by crook!

Nearing the end of my rope; in WordPress and it’s all looking real pretty…I upload the video; ‘publish’ for the 40th time and do a last edit before I post it to the Facebook group. I scroll down and go to view the video and it’s BLANK! Going back to my research Google Bible – I had to upload the video to You Tube so I could get a url to copy and paste.

Alright – so I’m putting my best foot forward here….

There you have it Bradley – it’s not much but I suppose it’s the thought that counts – since I literally put more work into this last post than any of the others! Worth it to the core!!!

Thanks for the memories!

Until we meet again, Bradley………………


One thought on “Thank You Bradley — Day 30 Blog Challenge”

  1. 🙂 I love it thank you so much for the thoughtful video. The most valuable thing someone can give you is there time and I appreciate you taking the time to write/shoot this.

    So glad you were part of this challenge. The best is yet to come!!!

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