How Do You Take Your Coffee? –Day 19 Blog Challenge

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Decisions, decisions!

Do you ever find yourself trying so desperately to decide what coffee you’re going to order at a coffeehouse or just in your kitchen with all the varieties you have staring at you in the face from your Keurig assorted coffees?


I usually take my coffee black – so I can taste the fabulous flavors of the various types of mountain grown coffees from all over the world. Tasting the savory “Choc full of nuts” flavors and breathing in the aromatic scents that permeate throughout a room is the essence of a what I long for every morning upon awakening. But on occasion I’ll spring for a Starbucks Macchiato and treat myself on a glorious morning!

How do you take your coffee?

There seems to be something to that statement that I found to be quite interesting; especially if you’re a die hard coffee drinker and have to have it a certain way and ‘just so’.

Let’s figure out why you want your coffee that certain way and what it tells us about you…

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This is what I found in my research….a guide to what your favorite coffee drink reveals about you. Or what the coffee you order says about you on that particular day, if you’re prone to change your choice.

Regular coffee, black: you’re a very direct, no-nonsense kinda person. You prefer to experience life in its truest form. You care less about fads and more about integrity.

Regular coffee, light (that’s sugar and cream, for those of you outside New York City): you’re a dreamer whose feet don’t touch the (coffee) ground(s). You believe people are generally good. You seek beauty and a bright (sweet?) side to every situation.

Espresso, short (ristretto): you’re very headstrong; a clear thinker who knows what you want and goes for it. Some people say you rush into things, but you’ve got a plan and won’t be swayed.

Espresso, long (lungo): same as above but you take a little longer to get what you want.

Grande decaf coffee: the head says, “Go out and get ’em!” The body doesn’t respond. You often feel torn between doing what you want and what others want of you. If you take your decaf with sugar and cream, the head doesn’t even say, “Go get ’em!” The head says, “Relax, be cool, things will go your way…” The body says, “Okay.”

Latte: you sometimes feel like Peter Pan — you long to return to your simpler childhood days, when a fun time meant picking out your Trapper Keeper for the next school year.

Cappuccino: if you consume this drink in the morning, you’re an authentic person who likes to relax and enjoy all the ups and downs life tosses your way. If you down this after dinner, you strive for truth, which sometimes eludes you and gets distorted along the way. For a life change, switch to espresso or regular coffee after your evening meal.

Chai latte: you often feel reticent to decide. Stay or go? Do or die? Coffee or tea? It’s all too much for you! You find yourself carefully tiptoeing across life’s tightrope, trying not to be swayed one way or another, but taking the middle road to keep yourself and those around you happy. You try to stay neutral, especially when it comes to dinner table discussions between Grandpa Bob and Uncle Joe.

Hot chocolate: there’s something missing in your life that leads you to seek warm, delectable chocolate sweetness in a cup. The Aztecs, after all, considered chocolate an aphrodisiac and an aid to spiritual development. If you order your hot choc with whipped cream, you’re really in trouble!

Any drink made with skim milk (or “no foam”): you feel better about yourself if you deny yourself even the simple pleasure of creamy milk or a foam-coated upper lip. But there’s still hope for you…unless you opt for artificial sweetener, too.

If you really think about all these examples; and put them into perspective, you’ll see how true to life they really are.

Or take a look at this chart and see if it compares:


Hopefully this fun info will enable café goers to alter their lives simply by their beverage choices. It’s also my desire that these theories will help people begin to understand each other, at least while in line at the café. When the pushy bow-tied broker before you orders a skinny no-foam latte, you’ll now know what lurks in his deep unconscious. You’ll know his psyche’s secrets. And be privy to his private shortcomings.

Think about it – How do you take your coffee?


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